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Looking for a gladiator steel spare tire. In Stlouis Missouri or Sacramento, CA
Looking for an unmarried Tazer mini. Not the lite version, as I need the regular model to turn on LEDs. Thanks!
I'd like to find what some call a metal bulkhead "cap" which would go from side to side on the top edge of the non-walk-thru divider wall on a 1967 Split-Bus. It has a curved profile. If I can find a decent photo to borrow I'll post it later, but I suspect you know what I mean. Please let me know if you can help me out! Thank you!
Latch Assembly, Driver Side Slide Door (Manual) for 2010 Honda Odyssey LX
Need a red hood for 2007 Chevy cobalt Also a working factory head unit
over a month agoBallwin, MO+13 milesAuto Parts for SaleWantedReport Listing
For my 2012. Looking for great condition. Located in the 63021 area code. Please send price with shipping.
It appears that I am missing one of the nine angled Westfalia clamp/brackets that are used to attach the aluminum 1965-67 tent rail to the rain gutter of a Campmobile. I have eight, just need one more. If anyone out there in Samba.comland happens to have an extra single clamp bracket that they can spare, I'd be happy to buy/trade for it to complete the clamp set on this tent rail for my Campmob...
over a month agoSt. Louis, MO+22 milesAuto Parts for SaleWantedReport Listing
I'm looking for a very good complete set of Gray seat belts. Front and rear for a bucket seat interior. I'm restoring an 86 and the seat belts are trashed. Let me know price and shipping to St. Louis. Thanks
over a month agoSt. Louis, MO+22 milesAuto Parts for SaleWantedReport Listing
Anyone have the center lower dash switch panel piece of the dash with 5 switch slots for a reasonable price? Was able to find it new on eBay and from the dealer but the bezel and bracket behind it was at least 180$ together. Really a bummer that it s the last piece I need to finish a few interior upgrades.
over a month agoSt. Louis, MO+22 milesAuto Parts for SaleWantedReport Listing
Looking to buy a HFC for my svt focus...Possibly looking to trade my stock cat for it, just let me know. Thanks!
Wanted to buy one or more of the many rocket cars built in the 70's and early 80's that run on hydrogen peroxide. If you know someone that still have one of this rocket dragster or rocket funny car please let me know to contact them, my email to send pictures is [email protected]. EAST CARONDELET, IL 62240 Show phone number
I'm putting together a tool kit for one of my older VWs and realized that I'm missing the wire hubcap pulling tool. Anyone got a box of extras available? I need one or two. Thanks for checking out your stash, I'd prefer an original one. Bill
I am looking for a pair of upper and lower Bus high hinge cargo door "wedges". The pair I need would fit the forward side cargo door on the "left" side of a RHD Transporter. Let me know if you have a complete pair with both wedges, screws and clips. Thanks for any assistance in finding these.
I'm looking for a couple of these rubber plug grommets, can be marked like this one was or unmarked, as long as the measured dimensions are roughly the same on your plug as seen in my illustration with measurements. If you've got a few of these lying about, please let me know. Thanks! Now feel free to go back to whatever you were doing! _________________ The first to actually purchase will be t...
I am looking for a few of these shipping "staples" or clips used to hold pressure plates used with clutches on both 180mm and 200mm pressure plates. Some appear to have feet about one inch apart as seen in the photos, and some have feet spread about 11/16 inch apart. If you have removed these from your new clutch pressure plates and still have 'em in your stuff, don't throw 'em away like most d...
I can not believe that someone out there so far doesn't have one of these silly battery caps as seen in the photos above kickin' around in the bottom of your shop cabinet or tool box? COME ON! Make my day!!! I'm looking for one of these fill caps for a early VW battery. It must look exactly like the one in the photos to match up to two others that I have on an old VWoA "display" battery. If you...
I'm on the hunt for any of the original, correct chrome headed metric screws (uses a normal "flat-blade" screwdriver) and the matching "square-shaped" brass nuts which are used on the Westfalia roof rack clamps. If you can help out with original hardware at a "reasonable" cost, please let me know. I am looking for one machine screw and two brass square nuts. This is for my personal roof rack, n...
I am looking for one nice condition vent window glass with a particular watermark or manufacture logo for my 1959 Double-Cab. I have two perfectly good pieces of vent window glass with the correct logo for my DC, but one of them has some minor scratches that won't buff out. Please take a look at the logo in the photo, and if you can help me find a better piece of vent window glass please let me...
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